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Grills price from $2.00 (not much more than an aluminum foil pan) to an infrared, gas, charcoal beauty for around $5000 plus for the person that is really, really into outdoor cooking.

Several things are nice to have with an outdoor cooker:

*I like to have a side tray or server, which is handy for setting dishes on before and after grilling.

* A side burner for fries and coffee etc.

* Shelves and warming racks.

* A tight woven griddle keeps the smaller pieces from falling through into the fire.

* Several temperature settings for heat control.

* Porcelain or stainless metal bars so the food on the outside cooks as quickly as the food in the middle.

Gas models are the most popular and the easiest to cook with. I’m an old guy that still likes the smell of good real wood charcoal for flavor and aroma.

If you have the space nothing beats the old fashioned back yard barbecue pit, usually built of brick. Plenty of work space and maybe a built in gas stove top for side dishes or coffee and such make it special. An under counter refrigerator, lights for night work and anything you can imagine will make it your favorite “ room” not in the house.