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Kitchen Utensils

There exists at least a dozen kitchen utensils for every job in the kitchen, finding the ones you will actually need and most important will you use is the tricky part.

Bakeware, gadgets, bar & glassware, cookware, cutlery, dinnerware, flatware, serve ware, appliances, kitchen and table linens are some of the categories needed in the kitchen.

And for each category mentioned above there are several sub categories of utensils.

Of course there are all of the above made for the left handed cook.

A good place to start is go to a good kitchen utensils shop, or first look in a catalog, Sonoma, Sears, Pennyís or most any department storeare are good places to browse through. Keep it simple; at first a basic set of each is available in most categories.

Start with the basics:

*A good set of heavy pots and pans, itís better to have a few good ones than a lot of flimsy ones.

*Cutlery, actually three is enough, a chef knife, bread or serrated edge knife and a good paring knife.

*Branch out with a crock pot or slow cooker.

Slowly add things as your skills improve,

Shop carefully, if not youíll have every gadget know to man (or woman).