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Iím always pleasantly pleased to see a kid cooking. Not only does it make me happy to see kid cooking recipes, but I love to see easy cooking recipes for kids.
The pride on their little faces, the glee in their hearts, the food all over the floor, oops, seriously kids cooking is not only rewarding and fun, but kids that cook learn to follow directions and are more successful in school and in life.

Turn the kitchen into fun, begin at the beginning.

Call the children into the kitchen and have a delightful time, cooking together is a natural.

Shopping, cooking and dining together are very rewarding and helps them grow into an efficient adult.

Start with non cooked items, such as cereal and sandwiches, then move up to items for kids cooking such as toast. As you slowly advance up the kid cooking recipes take care to not go to fast. Use such items as toaster strudel, peeling boiled eggs, buttering toast, etc.

Teach them to develop skills such as measuring ingredients, holding a knife, stirring recipes, blending items. And take them to the store to learn how to shop. AndÖ.

*Always ask an adult if itís okay to use the kitchen.

*Make sure you have all the ingredients.

*Wash your hands first.

*Clean up when youíre finished.

Messy, who cares, it will clean up and itís mighty cute. Establish Rules for Use of the Kitchen.

Start with a few simple safe chores, let them lick the spoon, stir some dry ingredients, help dry a pot or pan, wipe up a spill off the floor, hand you dry ingredients from the pantry. Youíll soon learn dozens of small tasks that they can help with, girls and boy.

Donít forget to include: kid cooking recipes in your own easy recipe cook book.