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Tasty Cold Appetizer Recipes

Cold Appetizer Recipes #1

Marinated Frankfurters

Cook, chill and skin frankfurters if necessary. Cut in 1-inch lengths and let stand in French dressing for 1 hour or longer; drain and serve on toothpicks.

Cold Appetizer Recipes #2


*One 3 oz. package cream cheese *One tsp. bottled horseradish *One tsp. minced onion *Salt and Pepper *12 thin slices bologna, cooked ham, salami or dried beef

Blend the cheese, horseradish and onion with salt and pepper to taste. Spread on the meat slices. Roll tightly and secure each roll with a toothpick.

Cold Appetizer Recipes #3

Stuffed Dill Pickles

*One small jar cheese spread *Two dill pickles

Slice end off pickles. Carefully remove center with apple corer. Remove all possible moisture; drain. Fill center with cheese; pack firmly. Wrap tightly with wax paper; refrigerate for several hours or longer. Slice just before serving. If served on round crackers, cut thinner slices.

Cold Appetizer Recipes #4

Deviled Ham Spread

*One large deviled ham *One tablespoon mayonnaise *One tablespoon sweet pickle relish

Mix all ingredients together and spread on your favorite crackers.

Cold Appetizer Recipes #5

Cream cheese and Pepper Jelly Spread

*Cream cheese *Pepper Jelly *Crackers

Soften cream cheese and spread on crackers of your choice. Spread pepper jelly on top of cream cheese.

Cold Appetizer Recipes #6

Veggie Chip Dip

* One pound sour cream *Two packages Liptonís vegetable soup mix

Mix sour cream with soup mix and refrigerate until time to serve with your favorite chips.

A dip can be made with almost anything you like mixed with sour cream. Yummy.